The following presents a hundred-year events in the history of AICs in Ghana.

1885    Birth of Prophet James Kwame Nkansah, former leader of the African Faith Tabernacle.

1888    Birth of Michael George, former Presiding Bishop of the Church of the Twelve Apostles.

1862    The Methodist Society (Akonomnsu) founded, led by J. R. Ghartey.

1893    Birth of Prophet Jemisimiham Jehu-Appiah, founder of Muzama Disco Christo Church.

1894    Birth of Ama Erica Afua Ahasu, founder of Akoƒaƒanami Prayer Group, Agate, Ghana (17 Oct.)

1898    Dr. Mark Christian Hayford establishes the National Baptist Church (first African


1903    Birth of Samuel Dankwa (Ahassala De Ameen 1) founder and first leader of the Ossah-

Madih Church, Ghana.

1905    Birth of Prophetess Agnes Okoh, founder of Christ Holy Church.

____    Birth of Apostle John Taylor, Founder of Christian Divine Church, (2nd Aug.).

1906    Birth of Prophet James Kwaku Tawiah, founder of Christ Faith Church, (14 April).

1907    The Nigritian Church founded and led by Rev. J. B. Anaman.

1910    Birth of Prophet John Mensah, Founder of the Church of Christ (Spiritual Movement),

(14 Sep.).

1911    Joseph Egyanka Appiah (later Jehu-Appiah I, founder of the MDCC) appointed a

teacher at Abakrampa Methodist School (20th April).

1912    Joseph Egyanka Appiah (Jemisimiham Jehu-Appiah, the Akaboha I and founder of the

Muzama Disco Christo Church – MDCC) marries Abena Nomaa (29th April).

1914    Prophet William Wade Harris visits Apollonia. 8,000 were converted from 52 villages in

three months.

____    Prophet William Wade Harris baptizes Michael George, later to become a Presiding

Bishop of the Church of the Twelve Apostles.

1915    Prophet William Wade Harris banished from the Ivory Coast by French Colonial


1918    Grace Tani & John Nackabah found the Twelve Apostles Church.

____    Birth of Isaac Asirifi, second Opanin (Head) of the Saviour’s church.

____    Birth of Charles Kobla Nutonuti Wovenu, Founder and leader of The Apostles

Revelation Society (ARS).

1919    Prophet Joseph Appiah (Jehu-Appiah) receives an angelic call to be King “Akaboha.”

____    The Faith Tabernacle, later to be renamed, African Faith Tabernacle (a.k.a. Odiyifo

Nkansah) was established at Anyinam, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

1920    Master Kofi Appiah (later Akaboha I) transferred to Gomoah Oguan.

____    Abena Baawa becomes a member of Kofi Appiah’s prayer group. Kofi Appiah later renamed her, Hannah Barnes.

____    Prophet Sampson Oppong emerges in Ashanti. Converts 10,000 in two years.

____    Abena Baawa (Hannah Barnes) joins Master Kofi Appiah’s prayer group.

1922    Second spiritual baptism of Prophet Jehu-Appiah I of the MDCC (20th March).

_____  Egyanka Appiah and his friends begin Egyidifo Kuw Faith Society, (19th Oct.).

____    Prophet Jemisimiham Jehu-Appiah founds the Muzama Disco Christo Church (MDCC).

____    (Good Friday) Second heavenly expedition of Hannah Barnes – MDCC

____    The Faith Society becomes a church (Muzama Disco Christo Church) at Gomoa Ogwuan.

1923    Mob attack on members of the Faith Society (MDCC), at Gomoa Ogwuan, (24th Dec).

____    Samuel Dankwa founds The OSSAH-Madih Church (The Church of Light).

1924    Jehu-Appiah and Hannah Barnes found the Muzama Disco Christo Church (MDCC).

____    Prophet Jehu-Appiah I and Hannah Barnes receive heavenly titles Akaboha and Akatitibi


____    Third and final spiritual baptism of Prophet Joseph William Egyanka Appiah, a.k.a.

Prophet Jemisimiham Jonah Jehu-Appiah, founder of the Muzama Disco Christo Church,

(7th March).

____    Samuel Brako establishes the Saviour Church (Memeneda Gyidifo) at Osiem, E/R.

____    Prophet Kwame Nkansa establishes the African Faith Congregation.

____    Prophet Jemisimiham Jehu-Appiah outlines a mission strategy in the Muzama

Disco Christo Church – MDCC (29th Aug.).

____    Birth of Kwesi Nyamekye, officially known as, Matapoly Moses Jehu-Appiah (The

Akaboha II) of MDCC (24th Aug.).

1925    Prophet Jemisimiham Jehu-Appiah I and his wife Hannah Barnes were acknowledged as

the undisputed leaders of MDCC (in May).

____    Procession by members of the MDCC from Gomoa Fomena to a site near Gomoa

Abodom. By angelic revelation, the place was called Mozano, meaning, my own town.

(17th October).

____    Birth of the prophetic wife of Matapoly (1st Sep.).

____    Celebration of the first Asomdwee Afe (Peaceful Year) by members of the MDCC.

1929    Birth of Timothy Kwadzo Borkumah, Founder of Peaceful Healing Church (29th Sep.).

1930    The name Muzama Disco Christo Church was revealed and adopted by the Faith

Society (9th Sep.).

1931    Stanley Walter Quarmina Botchway establishes The Cherubim and Seraphim in Accra.

____    Birth of Bishop Isaac Wontumi, Co-founder of the Church of Melchizedek, Ghana (6th


1932    First Annual General Conference (I’Odomey Conference) of the MDCC held at Adwumako, Afransi (20th Jan.).

1934    Charles Kobla Nutonuti Wovenu, founder of the Apostles Revelation Society, Ghana, begins public preaching.

1935    Birth of Daniel Okpoti Okerchiri, founder of the Cherubim and Seraphim Seat of God Mission.

1936    Birth of Prophetess Deborah Anyetei, founder of Ebenezer Healing Ministry, (13th Aug.).

____    Birth of Primate Seth Adofo, head of Church of the Lord, Brotherhood (April 8).

1937    20th Oct., Birth of Apostle Solomon Krow, founder of Niiman Temple, Accra, (20th Oct.).

1938    Birth of Charles Yeboah-Korie, founder of the Eden Revival Church (1st Dec.).

____    Christ Apostolic Church planted in Ghana by Nigerian immigrants.

1940    Birth of Prophetess Deborah Make Oman, of Christ Power Healing Church (15th July).

1945    Birth of Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah, (Akaboha III) of the MDCC (26th May).

_____  Charles Kobla Wovenu secedes from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, after

being asked to stop healing. He later founded the Apostles Revelation Society.

1946    Samuel Brako appoints Isaac Asirifi to head the Saviour Church shortly before his

Death (9th Sep.).

—–     Death of Samuel Brako, leader and founder of The Saviour Church a.k.a. Memeneda

Gyidifo (9th Sep.).

____    God reveals to Charles Kobla Wovenu, founder of the Apostles Revelation Society,

Ghana, to train certificated teachers for his educational institution.

1947    Death of John Nackabah.

____    John Hackman succeeds John Nackabah as head of the Twelve Apostles Church.

1948    Death of Prophet Jemisimiham Jehu-Appiah (Akaboha I).

____    Birth of Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, founder of Kristo Asafo, a.k.a. Christ Reformed

Church (26th August).

____    Death of Joseph Egyanka Appiah (Prophet Jemisimiham Jehu Appiah), founder,

Musama Disco Christo Church (23 Sep. 10:00 a.m.).

____    “Heavenly baptism” of Matapoly Moses Jehu-Appiah, second leader of MDCC (9th


1949    First ordination (17 priests) in the Apostles Revelation Society.

____    Cherubim and Seraphim Society planted at Korle Gonno by Prophet Adegoke, a


____    Religious experience of Isaac Wontumi, one of the co-founders of the Church of


The establishment of New Mozano, the Holy City of the MDCC.

1953    The first congregation of the Church of Lord (Aladura) inaugurated in Kumasi.

1954    Commencement of the celebration of the “Anniversary” in the Apostles Revelation

Society, Ghana.

____    Death of Stanley Walter Quarmina Botchway, the one who established The Cherubim and Seraphim in Accra.

1955    The Church of the Lord (Aladura) adopts a Constitution for the entire church at Ogere

(11th Dec.).

1956    Birth of Emmanuel Harrison Nubuor, founder, Good News Evangelical Church (6th


1957    Death of John Hackman, head of the Church of the Twelve Apostles (2nd Jan.).

____    Samuel Ansah succeeds John Hackman though his nomination by Hackman was

questioned by some elders.

____    Christian Council of Ghana rejects Twelve Apostles Church’s application to become a


1958    Death of Grace Tani, co-founder of the Church of the Twelve Apostles.

____    Death of Prophet Samuel Dankwah, Ahassala-De-Amen I of the Ossamadih Church (16th


____    World Council of Churches (WCC) rejects Muzama Disco Christo Church’s application

to become a member.

____    Establishment of the Church of Christ (Spiritual Movement) by Prophet John Mensah

(11th Nov.).

1959    Apostle John Taylor, founder of Christian Divine Church, expelled from the

Methodist Church of Gold Coast (25th May).

——-   Birth of Rev. Nana Appiah Hayford, founder of Believers Salvation Ministry (5th June).

____    Primate Oshitelu of the Church of the Lord (Aladura) dedicates a plot of land at Bantama, Kumasi. The headquarters of the church was built on that plot.

1962    Second National Convention of Christian Divine Church at Prestea (19th April).

_____  Dedication of Old Mission House (Atoabo) of Christian Divine Church (23rd Dec.).

_____  Pentecostal Association of Ghana formed by Ebenezer Harry Anamang

1963    Charles Yeboah-Korie establishes the Eden Revival Church (9th Feb.).

1965    Mathapoly Jehu-Appiah (Akaboha II of the MDCC), prophesies total darkness of the world (21st Feb.).

____    Establishment of the Church of Melchizedek, Ghana by Bishops Samuel Baah, Albert

Obeng and Isaac Wontumi (26th Feb.).

____    Albert Kwesi Yamoah defects from the Church of the Lord (Aladura) to establish the Church of the Lord (Ghana).

____    Olu Sonekan, Albert K. Yamoah and James Aburabura anointed bishops of the Church of

the Lord (Ghana) 5th May.

1966    World Council of Churches (WCC) rejects the Application by the National Council of

Pentecostal (Spiritual) Churches of Ghana to become members.

1967    Apostle Solomon Krow weds Patience (30th Dec.).

1970    Eden Revival Church becomes a member of the Christian Council of Ghana.

____    Prophet James Tawiah and followers settles at Nazareth, Akim Akroso,

In the Eastern Region of Ghana (10 May).

1971    Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo establishes Kristo Asafo Christ Reformed Church (3rd Feb.).

___      The Inauguration of the Good News Training Institute, the first interdenominational

Theological institution for AICs, now known as Good News Theological College and Seminary at Oyibi (6th. Nov).

1972    Death of Matapoly Moses Jehu-Appiah, 2nd Akaboha (Head) of MDCC.

____    Death of Prophet John Mensah, founder and leader of the Church of Christ (Spiritual

Movement), 16th Jan.

____    Installation of Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah as Akaboha III of the MDCC (22nd Oct.).

1973    Apostle Maurice Sackey establishes of the Church of the Lord (Mission) 5th Feb.

1974    Death of Apostle Emmanuel Alfred Ofosu of the Church of the Lord (Aladura).28 Aug.

____    Inauguration of the Church of the Lord (Brotherhood) as a church (8th Nov.).

1975    Enthronement of Bishop Seth Kwaku Adofo as the head (Apostle) of the Church of the Lord (Brotherhood). 6th July.

1978    First Conference of the Lord Cometh Again Divine Church, Ghana, held at Kadjebi (25th


1979    Death of Hannah Barnes, first Akatitibi of MDCC (22nd June).

1982    First religious experience of Raphael Asong, founder of God’s Grace Church (5th July).

1983    Ordination of Sampson Oclan by Reformed Peace Healing Church (2nd Jan.).

1984    Prophet Sampson Oclan establishes the Holy Church of Melchizedek (22 July).

____    Establishment of Ebenezer Healing Church (30th Aug.).

____    Death of Joseph Otchway, Ahassala-De-Amen II of the OSSA-Madih Church (26 Dec).

1985    Registration of Good News Theological College & Seminary at the Registrar-General

as a Company Limited by Guarantee Registration No. 26,903 (29 April).

____    Death of Patriarch Albert Yamoah, founder of the Church of the Lord (Ghana). 30th April.


NOTE: The author has, since 2005, been compiling some significant events in the history of African Independent Churches all over Africa.


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